Teacher and tutor, Matt Leutza, has been teaching math and business courses at the primary, secondary and university levels for over 17 years. Matt started Lamorinda Tutoring in 2004 and he has developed a positive reputation and  unique ability to explain difficult math concepts to students who may be struggling or want to get ahead.

General Math:
√ Pre-Algebra
√ Algebra I
√ Geometry
√ Math Analysis
√ Algebra II/Trigonometry
√ Statistics
√ Precalculus
√ Trigonometry
√ Calculus I
√ Calculus II
*Common Core textbooks and teaching strategies are used and applied along with traditional methods.

Tutoring available in the following subjects through the eighth grade:

√ Science
√ Language Arts
√ Social Studies
√ Reading
√ Writing

Other Subjects Covered:

√ General Science
√ Biology
√ Chemistry

Foreign Language:
√ French
√ Spanish

√ General Business
√ Economics
√ Accounting

Contact Matt before his fall schedule fills up! Call (925) 708-4213 for scheduling and pricing.